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i fell in love w/ a world that never promised joy

what you see and what i percive

la paz
27 January
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this is what? my fourth journal? first doublefacedmask mask, then tagimit, then i bumpinthenight, and now this? these things so my creative side, yet here i am running away from them. this one i will not run away from. you must be added before you can read. this journal brings together my lives, this one brings the other ones together. this is me.. for now and forever... i am not your lie. i am my own truth. i am, for once, starting a new with life. and here it is
acting, anti-bush, anti-iraq, art, becoming the ulitame feces!, big ass fuckin blunts, bongs, breaking my window, clubbing, creativity, dance, dancing, drinking, drugs, falling in love, feeling unafraid of everything, freedom w/o war, fucking, hanging out, happiness, highschool, hip-hop, imagination, jack johnson, jazz, laughing my ass off!, life, living, living double lives, lords of dog town, losing all my facades, love, lust, msub, music, nerd camp, partying, peace, pimping everything in sight, poems, poetry, poets, pro-chioce, rock & roll, sex, sexing you too good, shmokin' a can, shot gun hits, singing, sleep, smiling, sneaking out, soccer, sports, staring out the window, staying alive, sticking to promises, sunlight, swimming, the pursuit of life, thinking, veggitarians, walking the line, wishing on a star, writing